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Tell Your Children Not To Walk My Way



"Hi Cas."

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Following Stephen Amell on Facebook is the best decision I ever made.


Sherlock has taught me to observe the little things in life, because they could mean a lot

Doctor Who has taught me to love the time i have here, because it wont last long

Supernatural has taught me to love and appreciate my family, because they might not be there tomorrow

“ Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others. ”

—    Plato (via therandomactorg)


commissioned comic based off of the Behind the Scenes of Supernatural: A Fan’s Perspective mockumentary!!

they gave me a couple ideas they’d be interested to see me take on, but in the end jared’s intimidation factor won. DEM ARMS


Just stab me already season 10…

“ Charlie will be back. ”




friendship love is so confusing
its like ‘hm yes id like to bring u flowers and compliment u and make u the happiest person on earth but no romo’

no romo

omfg no romo

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Best man friend.

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Remember that online fundraiser to build a pro-LGBT billboard in the Westboro Baptist Church’s hometown? It worked. Feast your eyes on the “God Loves Gays” billboard, standing proud in Topeka, Kansas for all to see. If any additional funding comes through, it will be used for bus ads in Topeka, donations to LGBT youth organizations, and possibly a similar billboard in Utah. Bless. (via the Huffington Post)


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Not even going to lie, this performance made me cry like a little bitch.


He knows how powerful his songs are. I think when he sings them he remembers the dark place he was in when he wrote them.

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